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Factors you should evaluate before purchasing new clubs.

Lie Angle is the angle between the center line of the shaft and the sole of the club.  Matching the lie angle of your clubs to the shape of your swing is critical to hitting shots inline with your target.   Lie angle can be affected by several factors including shaft length, your setup and stance, and your position at impact.

In examining clubs, a lie angle that is too upright for your swing will cause the club face to point left of target, so if you consistently hit left of target your lie angle may be too upright.  A lie angle that is too flat for your swing will cause the club face to point right of the target, so if you consistently hit right of target the lie angle may be too flat.lie angle med

Grip size is more important than most players consider.  If a club feels uncomfortable in your hands, the only contact you have with the club itself, it can really cause a number of unseen problems in a players performance.  Oftentimes players regrip the club on their downswing rolling the club face closed, or in most cases hold it open.  If the grip doesn’t feel right in your hands at setup, it’s not right for you.

Shaft length and type of shaft is another factor in ordering, or buying new and used clubs. Swing speed, club weight, and flex can affect your rhythm, balance, and timing.  With todays large variety of shafts available the only proven way to determine what is right for an individual it ‘ball flight’.  So when you start shopping find a ‘demo day’ at a local golf course and hit several vendors clubs with varying shafts until you find the one that feels just right for you!

Before ordering a new set of clubs, let me take a look at you and your clubs.  I may be able to adjust your clubs, improve your setup, help you learn a better swing, and save you a lot of money!

How to adjust your Callaway Driver

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