Soft Pitch Setup

A simple way to hit a ‘soft pitch shot’ is by adjusting your setup.

solf pitch setup

Open your stance keeping the club face on target.  This will make for better contact and plenty of loft.  The face of the club is in line with target, but swing as you normally would across your toe line (solid line above).   Accelerate through the shot striking the ball first for good contact.

Credit:  Sean Foley |Photos by Stephen Szurlej |March 2012 | Golf Digest

1. Play the ball just ahead of center in your stance, and set the club face square to the target.  If you want to add loft, lower your hands so the shaft isn’t as upright.  (Lowering your hands points the face left, so adjust.)

2. Keeping your shoulders and hips square, drop your left foot back so your stance line points left of the target (above).  [This opens your stance – opens your hips.]

3. Make your normal backswing, then swing the club down along your stance line.  You’ll make better contact than with the old method, and that means more consistency.

Swing within yourself, and make good contact!

Phil Mickelson – Phil demonstrates how to hit a pitch shot with plenty of spin by using his lower body, balance, and acceleration.

Practice without fear!  Play without fear!  Golf is just a game!

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