‘The mind is a powerful thing’!  Visualization is like a language that allows you to talk to your brain, your subconscious!

Understand that golf is a game of imagery and finesse.  If you have ever hit the shot, the exact shot you wanted to hit, or saw the putt and the exact line before you made it, you were using your mind to visualize the result you wanted.

Color hogan company“Ben Hogan could see the shot before he hit.  He knew where it was going!”    Ken Venturi

Practice without fear!  Learn to turn on your brain.  The easiest way I know to turn on your senses is to learn an effective pre-shot routine.  I always stand back behind the ball and mentally visualize the flight of the ball, then select my club.  It all begins with deciding on the type of shot you want to make, visualizing the flight of your ball.  Use your pre-shot routine to turn on your brain, find yourself engrossed with the result, select the club, then turn on your swing and find the right rhythm.

Play without fear!  Trust your swing!  Don’t head out to play a round of golf not trusting what you have been working on.  Visualization allows you to see the shot before you make it.  Simply said, decide how to get there and use your imagination!

My story!  I was playing a course for the first time, and by the time we made it to the third hole I guess my friends friend felt more comfortable playing alongside me, so he started telling me about how difficult the next hole was with out-of-bounds just off the fairway to the right and a big pond on the left near the dogleg.  In doing so, he broke my concentration and I knew it.  So, I just politely thanked him for his advice and said, ‘I don’t really see any trouble on this hole because I plan to hit this shot with a fade starting off the left side of the fairway so I will have an open shot to the green’.  My point is I never see the trouble … because I am focused on where I want the ball to land and focus on what I need to do to hit it there!  Don’t see the trouble!

Visualization – the power of positive thought  |  Dr. Gio Valiante of Fearless Golf interviews Matt Kuchar to examine how Matt uses positive visualization while playing golf.

Practice without fear!   Play without fear!   Golf is just a game!

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