L to L Drill

The “toe-up” or “L-to-L” swing drill

L to L Jordan Spieth 1This swing drill helps you with your takeaway and lets you feel how to set the club at the top [of the swing] and how to release it.  If you hear the whipping action at the bottom of  your swing you are doing it correctly.

The benefit of this drill is to understand and learn that holding the attack angle as you start your swing, then releasing the club, produces more power than gripping tightly and guiding the club as you swing it thru IMPACT.


L to L Jordan Spieth 3The key is to release the club and let is swing freely.  If you can feel the weight of the club in your hands as you swing it through impact, you have properly released it. 

That feedback will help you “find the natural rhythm of your swing – stay in balance –  and improve your swing speed.  You should feel your entire body in rhythm with your swing.