Leisure Golf

I believe … the golf swing is a progression of simple sequential movements, basic fundamentals, that if executed correctly are gratifying! 

So why is golf so hard?

Golf is an especially difficult game because there are so many various shots one has to play: driving, long irons, short irons, chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, and trouble shots.  It takes a lot of time and practice to learn how to hit all shots.

What is Leisure golf?

To start, lets think about what golf really is.

  • Golf is a game!
  • Golf is about getting outside for fresh air and exercising!
  • Golf is about having fun!

“Golf is a leisure sporting activity played outside for exercise and fun!”

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If you are thinking about learning golf, need some help with your game, or just want to lower your handicap or break 90?  I can teach you the Basis Fundamentals of Golf!

Group Lessons – the Basic Fundamentals

In this class you will enjoy learning the true mechanics of golf swing!  Instruction will include swing drills to learn the sequencing of the swing; the proper grip for control; and the proper stance and posture essential for good timing.

Each sessions is structured so that the swing drills you learn and time in between sessions for practice will help you develop a powerful, consistent swing. 

Practice sessions will include the short game skills of chipping – pitching – putting, mid-iron play, and driving the ball to hit more fairways from the tee and greens in regulation!  This class is appropriate for beginning and intermediate golfers!

Practice without fear!  Play without fear!  Golf is just a game!

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