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color logoLSU Leisure Golf framed signThe creation of this Website is dedicated to my ‘LSU Leisure Golf’ and ‘Santa Maria Golf Academy’ students, who still today correspond with me, send referrals, and reference my teachings here online at any time – for free.

I believe … the golf swing is a progression of simple sequential movements, defined as basic fundamentals, that if executed correctly by the average player will be able to break 80 and enjoy it’s benefits for a lifetime.  Golf is gratifying! 

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If you need help with your game, I work with players of every level.  Contact me here online where you can ask questions, sign up for private lessons, or enroll in one of my clinics or classes.  We’ll start our first session with a complete evaluation, then discuss a personalized player development program for you to improve all aspects of your game – full swing, short game – putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play – and on-course management.  We’ll even get into strengthening your core for more power, and touch on positive visualization to improve your course management and lower your score.

Questions – (800) 457-8312, or Direct (225) 231-7143  |  von@leisuregolfbr.com

INSTRUCTION FEES – Gift Certificates available

  • Private Lesson:  $75
  • Private Lesson with Video evaluation:  $90
  • Private Lesson with Video & Swing Analysis:  $100
  • 3 Private Lessons:  $225
  • 5 Private Lessons:  $300
  • Juniors – 17 and under w/ e-mail evaluation:  $65
  • Short game lesson – chipping and pitching:  $75
  • Putting lesson:  $75
  • Friends and Couples:  – one lesson:  $90 | three lessons: $270 | five lessons:  $450
  • Playing lesson:  9-holes $150  |  18-holes $225  |  Plus Green Fees at selected course
  • Corporate – 2 hour Clinic & Team Building Session:  $300
  • Group Lessons – 5 lessons on the Fundamentals:  $225  (4–6 per class – twice weekly)

Note:  All lessons are one hour in length unless other wise stipulated in advance.

Practice without fear!  Play without fear!  Golf is just a game!

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