Push drill

Eliminate fat shots … The push drill will help eliminate ‘fat shots’ and ‘pork chop size’ divots by improving your setup and extension of your arms.

AddressWith the proper arm extension – make sure you are gripping the club as you would when setting up to hit a shot.  You want to be able to rehearse the swing and control the club.  Relax your grip pressure as this will also relax your wrists, arms, and upper body.  The less tightness and proper tension in your muscles is key to remaining relaxed and producing a fluid swing.

Extension of the arms – shoulders turn in and stretch out; cups of arms turn up and elbows get closer to hips; extend your arms to the max – feel the tension in the shoulder joints and the back of your neck/spine – then relax your muscles.

Henrik Stenson does the push drill every day …