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If you are thinking about learning golf, need some help with your game, want to lower your handicap, or just want to break 90 – Group Lessons on the Basic Fundamentals of Golf may be just right for you to master the basics!

IMG_0850When working with a group … group dynamics evokes participation and everyone in the class benefits as it provides for a lot of interaction and everyone learns more.

Demonstrations in a group provides a more thorough visual analysis with everyone working on the same part of the game, especially learning swing drills that reinforce the sequencing of the swing.

Basically, everyone gets to learn by doing, watching others, asking questions, listening, and learning their own swings.  Watching someone else is a visual process that provides a better understanding of the swing.  The question new players always have is ‘am I doing it right’?  Group dynamics evokes more participation and ultimately more demonstrations.  Everyone gets to ask questions, watch others, and get a better understanding of the  – grip, stance, ball position, takeaway, transition, swing to impact, and drills to use when practicing.  When one student asks a question, everyone learns and benefits.

Group lessons include all the fundamentals and expand to advanced instruction starting with a good pre-shot routine, swing drills, warm up and  practice routines.

Group Fees – $225  |  5 lessons

Includes Range Balls and Indoor Video Session

** Saturday morning ‘Fundamentals Clinic for Beginners’

To be announced  |  Fee $25.00  |  Meet at Lesson Tee

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Do you have your own group?  If so, fill out the form below with the best time to call you to discuss a class schedule and agenda.  This is a great option for couples, corporate events, weddings, and bachelor parties.

CLASS DESCRIPTION:  Group Lessons cover the basic fundamentals mentioned in my golf tips,  including many swing drills that demonstrate the sequencing of the swing powered by the lower body that you can practice anywhere.  Practice sessions cover the short game skills of chipping – pitching – putting, mid-iron play, driving the ball to hit more fairways, and greens in regulation!

Group Lessons include on-course instruction.need-a-playing-lesson

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