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Take your golf skills to the next level with …

  • Private Lessons – Improve you Fundamentals
  • Short-game Clinics – Evenings and Weekends
  • How-to Sessions – Cure a Slice | Short Game Tips | Drive with Control | Putt like a Pro

Coaching individuals In one-on-one sessions, whether they are beginners or advanced players the process is much the same.  First, I evaluate a player’s current strengths and weaknesses.    Secondly, I break down the golf swing to the basic fundamentals so that players understand the relationship of the sequence of movements and their importance in their execution. Lastly, at the conclusion of my evaluation I recommend a personalized instructional program and practice regime for improvement.  If you need help with your game, sign up for a lesson, or enroll in one of my clinics or classes.

NOTE:  3/5 Private Lessons cover all the fundamentals of the golf swing, and give players time to practice between sessions.  Schedule sessions at your own pace.  All you need to do is decide on a regular day and time to reserve – e.g. – Saturday at 10 am – then enjoy the flexibility to confirm or skip an appointment the week in advance if something else interferes with that time.

Instruction Fees

  • Private Lesson with email evaluation:  $75
  • 3 Private Lessons:  $200
  • 5 Private Lessons:  $300
  • Juniors – 17 and under w/ e-mail evaluation:  $65
  • Short game lesson – chipping and pitching:  $75
  • Putting lesson:  $75
  • Friends and Couples – one lesson:  $90
  • Play lesson 3-holes – Mornings at Santa Maria’s 16-17-18  –  $50
  • Play lesson 9/18-holes – Rates quoted upon request
  • All lessons are one hour in length unless otherwise stipulated in advance.

Junior Golf Program Fees – click here

To schedule a lesson check the appointment box, then use the Calendar to find the date and time best for you.  Please fill out the information requested in the message block, including information about you and what part of your game you would like to work on, e.g. putting, chipping, driving, short game clinic, etc.


I look forward to meeting you, and thanks for signing up!

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