Ben Hogan the Hawk on YouTube
This is a historic view of Ben Hogan practicing on the range, note the consistent rhythm, balance, and timing – great tempo!

Mickey Wright’s Golf Swing on YouTube
Ben Hogan described Mickey Wright as the owner of the best golf swing he had ever seen. Hogan taught that the moment of truth in every golf swing is the transition, when the backswing ends and the downswing starts -driven by the lower body. Hard to argue with Ben … it’s a fantastic swing!

Ben Hogan’s demonstrating one of his swing drills
Hogan taught that the golf swing is driven by the lower body. This video demonstration by Hogan on the Ed Sullivan show is also discussed and illustrated on pages 81 – 83 in his well known book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

Visualization – the power of positive thought
Dr. Gio Valiante of Fearless Golf interviews Matt Kuchar to examine how Matt uses positive visualization while playing golf.

Learn the Step Drill to enhance … your lower body power! 
Many golfers spin in place making poor contact … taking divots well behind the ball.