Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan’s demonstrating the golf swing

Hogan taught that the golf swing is driven by the lower body.  This video of Ben Hogan on the Ed Sullivan show shows the action of his lower body – feet, hands, and torso.  It is discussed and illustrated in more detail on pages 81 – 83 in his well known book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

Ben Hogan the Hawk

The video below of Ben Hogan practicing on the range shows the consistent rhythm, balance, and timing of his swing as he moves from one club to the next.

As you watch Ben Hogan practicing pay attention to his consistent setup, stance, position of his hands, hand position at top of swing, IMPACT position, and beautiful finish with all of his clubs:

  • the starting position of his hands at address are near his left thigh
  • he slides the club away with his  hands, arms, shoulders – in a single motion
  • the backswing stops at shoulder height with the club and wrist forming an  “L”
  • the downswing starts without hesitation from the ground up – feet driving the lower body
  • his hips “side smoothly and rotate” as his weight shifts forward
  • and at “IMPACT” his hands are leading the club, left shoulder is high, right elbow brushes his hip, and his head is behind the ball

Hogan’s Swing tempo never changes as he switches from short iron to his driver!   At IMPACT his weight is almost entirely on his left foot as he finishes his swing – with hands high, arms relaxed!

Hogan at the Houston Open

Hogan’s Mystique