Junior Golfers

Here is a long list of videos that feature Junior Golfers.  These two young golfing phenomenon’s will perhaps become future PGA and LPGA Professionals.  The young boy shot 8 under par at the US Kids Open.

As you watch this video please pay attention to the fundamentals … there is no hesitation in their swing once they address the ball and they don’t freeze and start thinking.

  1. Their arms hang from their shoulders and close to their body;
  2. Their hands are positioned inside the left thigh as they setup to swing;
  3. They are upright and shoulders are back, which is proper posture;
  4. Their feet, hips, and shoulders are parallel to the target line;
  5. At the start of the swing they slide the club back in one slow simple move;
  6. They complete their backswing with hands at shoulder height;
  7. Begin their downswing by turning their hips – thereby shifting their weight;
  8. They finish their swing on their left foot, hands high, and right heel up;
  9. Keep their heads behind the ball at impact and right elbow brushes their hip;
  10. One simple swing … for all clubs!