Mickey Wright

Mickey Wright is considered by many to be the best player in LPGA history.  

Mickey Wright photo“We are talking about Kathryn Mary “Mickey” Wright, who captured 82 LPGA titles along with 13 major championships.   

Mickey Wright grew up in California and turned professional in 1955 to join the then-fledgling LPGA Tour. Among her many accomplishments, she led the LPGA Tour money list four straight years from 1961-64, won the Vare Trophy for low scoring average five times, and, long before Tiger Woods did it, Wright held all four women’s major championships at the same time in 1961-62 (US Women’s Open, LPGA Championship, Titleholders Championship, Women’s Western Open).

Due to foot problems and other factors, Wright semi-retired in 1969 at the age of 34, but still played in select events for the next several years. She currently lives near the USGTF National Office in Port St.Lucie, Florida.

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Video of Mickey Wright’s swing in slow motion

Ben Hogan described Mickey Wright as the owner of the best golf swing he had ever seen. Hogan taught that the moment of truth in every golf swing is the IMPACT.  He also taught that the transition – that moment when the backswing ends and the downswing starts – is equally important and driven by the lower body.

I picked this video below because it emphasizes the smooth backswing and powerful transition of her swing … Mickey Wright’s transition starts with her lower body – the soft slide and rotation of her hips.  Her legs and knees pivot setting up her powerful transition as she starts the downswing! 

NOTE:  as you watch the video place the cursor on the edge of her left hip.

Watch her lower body – the push off of her lower body from the ground up actually produces or accentuates the transition (pause) of the club at the top of her swing – [ it really doesn’t stop at the top – the slight pause is the transition as it continues downwards] and her downswing flows smoothly – she holds the ‘L” angle and unhinges her wrist – whipping the club head through impact.

On the takeaway, her weight shifts to the back leg – study the near 45º angle of her right leg – she then pushes off from the ground up stepping into her left foot – this action shifts her weight and transitions her lower body forward into her swing.  Note that her arms and hands are very loose.

LADIES – After viewing the YouTube video below, please watch a “stop action slide show” of Mickey Wrights swing, and another YouTube video of her playing in a tournament she actually won!  |   click here!

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